Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision at Smile Herb Shop is:

An educated Staff and Clientele conversant with the Natural Healing available.

Our Mission at Smile Herb Shop is:

To Educate

Smile is a center for herbal and natural healing which models a broad picture of “health” that emphasizes the need to nurture the body, mind and spirit. Smile will act—beginning in our local community and extending our circle outward as balance allows.

To Empower

Smile is part of a new paradigm that supports “healing” as a self-validating, interdependent journey. We work on this outwardly with our customers and inwardly on a personal level. We direct the individual to information and encourage direct contact with the plants—including producing one’s own medicines. We believe in healing that is sustainable, affordable, and empowers the individual in their own choices.

To Reflect the Principles of Truth, Love, and Beauty into Our Physical Environment

We will till, water, and nurture a garden that supplies some of the most vibrant plants available on the planet. We present a wide range of top quality products in a setting of cleanliness, beauty, and order.

To Build Honest and Supportive Relationships

Our business environment is founded on the principle of supportive interdependence. We focus on our purpose, connections, and commonalities. We respect and honor the uniqueness of each being as a part of the Holy Spirit. We open pathways for each to give their gifts.

To Maintain a Sound Economic Foundation

Smile builds and maintains a foundation that enables us to fully support our vision. It also provides a financial base that enables each individual the freedom to provide for themselves and their loved ones adequately in the lifestyle they choose.

To Honor That Which is Important, Not Just Urgent

Recognizing that which is of deepest fulfillment and of lasting importance within our hearts is often less “pressing” than the multitude of “tasks” we have to do, Smile will be a workplace that allows a minimum of 10% of time to be spent in non-urgent tasks in order to conduct business in a way of peace and fulfillment.
We will listen to each other well across “lines” of hierarchy and employment roles. We will listen well and on a regular basis to those we serve.