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Black tea, beloved all over the world, is the most consumed variety of tea. Tea, meaning the leaf of Camellia sinensis, is processed in different ways to get Black, Green, White, Oolong, and Pu-Erh teas. Smile Herb Shop has carefully curated a selection of very fine black teas from Assam to Earl Grey to 1st Flush Darjeelings to Pu-Erhs, bringing only the best for offer.

Black teas have been fully oxidized during processing. Studies as well as tradition suggest the antioxident polyphenols of black tea may be beneficial at protecting tissue from disease and inflammation.

They require a good five minute steep with just-boiled water and can be taken with lemon, honey, cream, or sugar. Purists will say take nothing. The Queen of England takes milk, and no sugar. And we say - it depends on the tea!
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