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Although we are currently closed to walk-in traffic, we're here for you by phone (Mon-Sat 10am-5pm), and on our website 24/7! We'd love to help you with your order. Stay safe!


Eye Fatigue: An Ayurvedic Approach

Our eyes take in a great deal of information from the world around us, and sometimes they may become overwhelmed with what they see. There is a great deal to digest in the form of light and images, since most of us get our news and entertainment from digital screens. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to protect your eyes and yourself from this information overload. Ayurveda, the ancient “science of life” from India, has some great self-care techniques [...]


Preparing Your Garden Soil

There are so many methods, so many theories of the best way, the easiest way, to prepare your garden beds for cultivation. Double-digging, trench composting, mulch gardening are all [...]


Signs of Spring

The grackles have arrived. I seem to forget, each year, how early they come, well before the green herbs or tree buds come out to show their delicate spring beauty. In my neighborhood, the [...]


Frankincense Chewing Gum

If you’re looking to try something new and different for your health, try chewing on some Frankincense resin instead of commercial gum. Pop a tear of Frankincense in your mouth and it [..]


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Meet our Professionals

Thomas Wolfe, RH AHG

Owner of Smile Herb Shop Herbal Columnist
Registered Herbalist of the American Herbalists' Guild

Colleen Zuntag

Professional Certified Clinical Herbalist
Clinical Supervisor Herbalism Instructor at Mid-Atlantic School of Herbalism

The Smile Herb Story

Smile Herb Shop was founded in the early 1970’s by a woman affectionately known as “Sweet Cicely”. She shared her love of plants and the earth with all. In the spring of 1975, when current owner Tom Wolfe happened to walk in, Cicely was itching to get back to the woods and out of doors. She and Tom struck up a friendship and eventually came to an agreement. Tom was soon left to run Smile for the summer. It was an exciting summer; he discovered a deep appreciation and love for the healing herbs. Over the years several hundred different people have contributed their energy to help Smile become a leader in its field. While we’ve joined the digital age, Smile continues to provide the one-on-one attention and focus on education and empowerment of staff.


Thank God for Smile Herb Shop! I have gone in there with several different maladies that were making me miserable. When I explained to the staff what my problem was, they immediately directed me to a product that they knew would help. I took it and immediately got relief. What a life saver!

Karen K.

I've lived in the DC area for the last 20 years. I have traveled a good bit up and down the east coast and Smile Herb is a true gem. The staff and management are wonderful. I trust and rely and their expertise and I love the classes. I'm constantly sharing information I learn at Smile Herb with my friends and if you live in the area, then I have either brought you into the store or brought you a nice tea.

Michele M.

I was initially introduced to Smile Herb Shop through a Facebook page. I finally made a visit to the Shop last Fall and fell in love with the place. Love the ambience, the helpful staff and the variety of products. I brought in a few crystals I had to get wire-wrapped by a most wonderful being. So much energy! While there I shopped around, sat on the sunny front porch and relaxed into the positive energy of the shop. I just wish it was closer to me! One day, my schedule will align with the wire wrapping workshop and I'll have a chance to sign up!

Bebe Y.

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