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Kitchari Spice Mix: Packaged Botanicals / Powder: 3.5 Ounces
Kitchari Spice Mix: Packaged Botanicals / Powder: 3.5 Ounces

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Kitchari is used as a spice blend in cooking to increase absorption of nutrients while delighting the taste buds.
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Kitchari Spice Mix (made with 97% organic ingredients): This traditional spice mix helps stimulate your digestive fire so you can absorb all the wholesome goodness from your food. The spice mix includes mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, turmeric, natural mineral salt and asafoetida and is intended to be added to rice and dal when you prepare kitchari. 3.5 ounces is enough to make 7 batches of kitchari using the recipe below.

Kitchari Recipe
1 cup basmati rice
1/2 cup mung dal
3 teaspoons kitchari spice mix
2 tablespoons ghee
6 cups water
1-2 cups chopped vegetables (optional)

Wash rice and mung dal and soak overnight. Drain soak water. In a medium saucepan warm the ghee. Add the kitchari spice mixture and saute for one to two minutes. Add rice and mung beans and saute for another couple of minutes. Then add 6 cups of water and bring to a boil. Once the kitchari has come to a boil reduce the heat to medium-low. Cover and cook until it is tender (approx. 30-45 minutes). If you are adding vegetables to your kitchari, add the longer cooking vegetables such as carrots and beets halfway through the cooking. Add the vegetables that cook faster such as leafy greens near the end. Add more water if needed. Typically, kitchari is the consistency of a vegetable stew as opposed to a broth. Garnish with fresh cilantro and add salt to taste (optional).

Makes 4 servings

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Additional information
  • Manufacturer: Banyan Botanicals
  • Product Form Factor: Packaged Botanicals / Powder
  • Product Variation: 3.5 Ounces

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